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Effective Ways for Students to Maximize Their Holidays

Effective Ways for Students to Maximize Their Holidays

Submitted by Editor2 on 7 December 2023

Holidays, those cherished breaks following the completion of a semester or session, offer students a chance to rejuvenate. While many students indulge in leisure activities during this time, there are more productive ways to make the most of these breaks. Holidays, being a respite from academic routines, provide an opportunity to engage in activities that can prove beneficial in the future. Here are some effective activities and the reasons behind their value:

1. Internships: Gaining Practical Experience
Traditional education often emphasizes theory over practice. Most courses involve textbook learning with limited real-world application. Internships bridge this gap, allowing students to apply classroom knowledge to real-life scenarios. Holidays provide the ideal timeframe for internships, enhancing a student's CV and employability prospects.

2. Volunteer Work: Giving Back to Society
Contributing to society cultivates a sense of responsibility and fosters social harmony. Due to demanding academic schedules, volunteering might seem difficult during regular semesters. Holidays offer students the chance to engage in charity or volunteer work, promoting positive change within the community.

3. Expanding Reading Horizons
While studying, students primarily focus on academic materials directly related to their coursework. Holidays present an opportunity to explore different genres, broadening their reading horizons. Reading books and articles beyond the academic realm can enhance intellectual growth and creativity.

4. Earning Money: Financial Independence
For college students, holidays can be used to earn money and alleviate financial burdens. Working part-time or pursuing entrepreneurial ventures during this period can help cover expenses incurred during the academic year.

5. Learning New Skills: Diversifying Expertise
Life success isn't solely tied to academic achievements. Holidays offer an ideal timeframe to learn practical skills that complement formal education. Acquiring skills like UI/UX design, cyber security, and cloud computing can open doors to varied career paths.

Remember to Rest: Balancing Work and Relaxation
While embracing these activities, it's vital to remember that holidays are primarily meant for relaxation and rejuvenation. The core purpose of a break is to recharge for the upcoming session. Activities like internships, volunteering, skill acquisition, and others are meant to supplement this primary goal, not replace it.
In conclusion, holidays can be much more than just leisure time. By engaging in internships, volunteering, reading diversely, earning money, and acquiring new skills, students can make the most of their breaks. Striking a balance between productivity and rest is key to ensuring that holidays serve both personal development and the essential need for relaxation.

Eniola Olatunji is a law  
student at the University  
of Ibadan. He enjoys
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comics and writing plays.