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Our Work/Long-Term Impact/Core Values

ZODML’s work is to provide access to digital resources through which young Nigerians, particularly those attending public universities, can access information and learning tools to acquire knowledge and thrive in their studies and future careers. To achieve this we have established a robust suite of relevant educational digital resources that are accessible, free of charge via our online library

ZODML seeks the long-term impact of a Nigerian population that has achieved academic excellence and built a culture that recognizes the importance of self-driven learning and its ability to build, support, and empower communities

ZODML is committed to the following core values in carrying out its work:

  • Accountable Stewardship - we understand we must hold ourselves to the highest standards.
  • Measureable Positive Difference - we seek to constantly evaluate the nature and level of our impact. We are open, ask for feedback and share knowledge.
  • Prioritising Use of Resources - we are conscious of the need to make sound fiscal decisions which maximise resources without compromising our future or mission.