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Our Story

Zaccheus Onumba Dibiaezue Memorial Libraries (ZODML/the Organisation) is a non-profit organization based in Lagos, Nigeria. Its work is inspired by the life and legacy of Zacchaeus Onumba Dibiaezue who through self-learning and access to libraries was able to transform his life and the lives of others.  

ZODML provides free access to digital resources, information and learning tools through which young Nigerians, particularly those attending public universities, can acquire knowledge and thrive in their studies and future careers. 

The Organisation seeks to accomplish the long-term impact of a Nigerian population that has achieved academic excellence and built a culture that recognizes the importance of self-learning and its ability to build, support, and enable communities.

ZODML is invested in spreading a love of books and the acquisition of the literacy and technological skills vital to a modern economy; especially amongst Nigeria’s children and youth.

The Organization has a community library, 34 school libraries and 19 libraries in Correctional Service Custodial Centres across Nigeria. ZODML’s leadership has taken stock of its impact over the years, and recognized that there are limited opportunities for continued physical growth given the costs associated with building new libraries and maintaining existing ones. The Organisation is therefore transforming its website - into a strong, extensive online library which will support the continued achievement of its work.