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Lagos State

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  • Beaches

    As a coastal state situated by the Atlantic Ocean, Lagos State has a number of beaches suitable for recreational use, including Bar, Lekki, Elegushi and Alpha beaches in the Eti-Osa LGA, Eleko Beach in the Ibeju-Lekki LGA, Badagry Beach in the Badagry LGA.

  • Whispering Palms

    Whispering Palms is a conference resort centre occupying about eight acres of land located in the Badagry LGA. The resort is on the Lagos Lagoon.

    Whispering Palms offers ecological, beach and aquatic tourism. Visitors can view exotic animals and birds at its mini-zoo.

  • Tinubu Square

    Tinubu Square (formerly known as Independence Square), located in the Lagos Island LGA, is a popular site in the heart of Lagos. It features seats for relaxation and a statue of Madam Efunroye Tinubu, a renowned trader after whom the square is named. The square was originally built as an independence gift to the people of Lagos by the Lebanese community in 1960. It was reconstructed in 2007 by the state government.

  • Lekki Conservation Centre

    The Lekki Conservation Centre is a project of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF). Established in 1990, the Centre celebrates and protects the natural biodiversity of the state, and offers scenic walks and picnic spots for visitors as well as glimpses at a variety of animal species.

  • National Museum, Onikan

    The National Museum was established in 1956 as a means of collecting, preserving and celebrating Nigeria’s cultural history after the loss of many important artefacts during the colonial era. Before the museum's opening, the government purchased some artworks taken from Nigeria and sold abroad (including some sold at the famous auction house Sotheby's) to showcase at the new museum. In 2002, a shopping complex was constructed near the museum as a means of rejuvenating its environment.

    The museum has various collections of pots, bronze and terracotta statues from Benin, Igbo Ukwu and the central regions of Nigeria and Ife, the major centres of classical Nigerian art. It famously has on display the car in which General Murtala Muhammed was assassinated.

  • Heritage Museum, Badagry

    The Heritage Museum was established in 2002 by the Lagos State Government to preserve and conserve what was left of Badagry after the abolition treaty signed between the Badagry chiefs and the British Government in 1825, as well as educate the public about the history of slavery in Nigeria.

    It has on display items such as slave chains and images of historically important locations such as the site where Christianity was first preached in Nigeria in 1842.

  • Shitta-Bey Mosque

    The Shitta-Bey Mosque was built in 1892 and is on Martins Street in the Lagos Island LGA. It was built from concrete, granite and marble and features fine Brazilian-style architecture.

  • Cuban Lodge

    The Cuban Lodge was designed by British architect Christopher Thomas and completed in 1931. It was the property of the late Hilario Campos and features many classic Brazilian-style features. It is located at 40 Odunlami Street, Lagos Island.

  • Glover Memorial Hall

    Named in honour of Sir John Glover (a colonial governor), this event centre played host to many indigenous theatre practitioners over the years. It was recently refurbished and is located in the Lagos Island LGA.

  • Ilojo Bar

    Ilojo Bar (also known as Casa do Fernandez) is in the Lagos Island LGA. Built in the Brazilian style, It was declared a historic monument by the National Commission for Museums and Monuments in 1956. Estimated to be over a hundred years old, it is owned by the Olaiya family.

  • Old Iga Building

    The Old Iga Building in the Lagos Island LGA was declared a historic monument in 1964 by the National Commission for Museums and Monuments. It is thought to have been built around the early 1700s and is the oldest parts of the traditional palace of the Oba of Lagos.

  • The Water House

    The Water House at 12 Kakawa Street in the Lagos Island LGA was declared a monument in 1961 by the National Commission for Museums and Monuments. Built in the Brazilian style, it is among one of the the oldest buildings in Lagos.

  • Old Secretariat Building

    The Old Secretariat Building is in the Lagos Island LGA. It was declared a monument in 1982 by the National Commission for Museums and Monuments.

  • Boat regattas

    Boat regattas are held annually in most of the riverine areas of Lagos State.

  • Lagos Black Heritage Festival

    The Lagos Black Heritage Festival (LBHF) celebrates and preserves the cultural heritage of Lagos residents. Participants have the chance to relax and unwind in a comfortable environment, as well as participate in engine power boat races, swim, and watch the Boat Regatta. There is also music, dancing, and a street carnival. The theme for the 2013 edition was ‘the African Colours of Brazil’.

  • Eyo Festival

    The Eyo festival is held in the Lagos Island LGA. It is the most famous cultural festival in the state and is renowned for its colourful masquerades.

  • The Oldest Multiple-storey Building in Nigeria

    The first multiple-story building erected in Nigeria is located in the Badagry LGA. It was built in 1842 and was home to one of the country's first Christian Missions.

  • The National Theatre

    The National Arts Theatre is the primary centre for the performing arts in Nigeria. It is a monument located in Iganmu. Built during the military regime of Olusegun Obasanjo, its construction was completed in 1976 in preparation for the Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) in 1977.

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